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Academic Profile

Full Name: Sinan Kuday

Birth Date: 04/02/1980

University: Ankara University

Department: High Energy Physics

Research  Areas

Particle Physics, Standard Model, Standard Model Beyond, FCNC, SM Anomalies, Supersymmetry, MSSM, mSugra, RPV, Fourth Family, Acceleratory Physics, Mathematical Physics

Projects I Worked

Atlas Project - Physics Collaboration

Turkish Acceleratory Center - Member at Charm Factory Working Group

CLIC App. Projects - TRGrid Physics Applications

Workshops and Seminars

May 2010 - Planck 2010 Theorical Physics Conference at CERN

February 2010 - (ISOTDAQ) Int. School of Trigger and Data Acquisition

August 2009 - ATLAS Offline Computing Tutorial

September 2008 - (ISSCSMB) Akyaka / Bodrum Workshop

May 2008 - TAEK HEP @ Tr-Grid Workshop

July 2007 - HEP Summer School / Feza Gursey Inst. / Istanbul

September 2006 - Particle Accelerators and Detectors / Bodrum

June 2004 - II. UPHUK Physics Congress / Ankara

Selected Works

3rd Generation Sfermion Searches at LHC (TR)
DBXA Analysis Code Essentials
Proof And Paralel Processing
Usage of Open VPN Access
Proposed T2D Candidate Sites for ATLAS Grid
Pair Productions of Sbottom and Stop at LHC


Single Production of Fourth Family Sneutrino via RPV Couplings at Linear Colliders: arXiv:1202.5661
Resonant production of the fourth family slepton at the LHC: arXiv:1103.5087
Complete Publication List with Collaboration Works which include my name

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