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I'm currently a scientist and teaching staff at Istanbul Aydin University and my previous position was at Institute of Accelerator Technologies in Ankara University. I've completed a Ph.D. program in High Energy Physics with my supervisor, Prof.Dr.Orhan Çakır in 2012. Prior to joining the Ph.D. program in the fall of 2006, I did my M.Sc at the same university, but i completed my bachelor degree in Izmir Dokuz Eylul University. Since my hometown is Izmir which is a lovely city on the west coast of Turkey, i have finished high school at Atakent High School.

In 2005, i worked for a software company as a web developer. My primary task was writing the codes of web applications including javascript, XML/XSLT and ASP. While i'm going on my Ph.D., i also worked for another company at Technopark of Gazi University and progressed on writing PHP for ERP systems and Flash/Actionscript applications as well.

My Works

At the end of my bachelor degree in 2003, i presented a work titled as "Correspondence Theorems in Quantum Mechanics" supervised by Prof.Dr. Ismail Sokmen. During my M.Sc. education, i worked on "Top quark decays in Standard Model" and my thesis was "FCNC Decays of Top Quark". My Ph.D. works started right after the proficency exam and i gave a seminar titled as "Supersymmetry and Dark Matter candidate LSP particles". I was currently working on supersymmetric phenomenology and data analysis methods. My Ph.D. thesis was "Production of 3rd Generation Sfermions at LHC" and it also includes how can 4th family squark production can effect SUSY searches assuming that SM 4th family exists..

In the project basis, i am working in Charm Factory Group at Turkish Accelerator Center (TAC) Project and ATLAS Project of TAEK. I was also a member of CLIC Physics / Detector Simulations and TR-GRID Applications Project and ATLAS Collaboration at CERN.

More About Me

I like spending my time on playing at musical bands. I've played bass guitar for several university bands since we started our first band in 2000. I also like playing piano and some other instruments.

I have a funny and laid-back personality. Please feel free to write your comments and ideas on any scientific or semi-scientific topics that you would like to discuss. Just e-mail me something

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